Announcements from Aspect Software and Genesys Show Cloud is Still Growing in the Contact Center Space

By Lisa Durant
On May 28, 2014
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cloud-only contact center vendors aren’t the only ones expanding their cloud portfolios. In the past couple of weeks, both Aspect Software and Genesys have announced new cloud developments.

Aspect Software, a contact center, customer engagement, workforce optimization, and back-office solutions vendor, recently introduced a new cloud workforce optimization offering called Aspect Active Assignment. As I discussed a couple of weeks ago, it looks like workforce optimization is one of the next tools headed to the cloud. Aspect Active Assignment is specifically designed to improve workforce productivity in contact centers. The SaaS-based tool identifies idle time, makes automated adjustments to staffing plans in real-time, delivers targeted training and tasks to agents during idle time, and redirects agents to different customer channels based on contact volume.

Contact center and customer experience solutions vendor, Genesys, recently announced that it was partnering with Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service solutions vendor. Genesys will integrate its cloud contact center solution with the Zendesk customer service platform to deliver cloud-based customer experience that uses Genesys’s contextual self-service and also routes customers to the best-skilled Zendesk agent as needed. The companies’ objective is to reduce transfers and create a more seamless customer experience – a concept that is gaining importance throughout the contact center industry. This partnership will help Zendesk grow its offerings for enterprise customers and will strengthen the voice component of Genesys’s customer support solutions. The integration will eventually span across all of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform editions.

As I discussed in my Contact Center of the Future Key Trends Report, cloud is one of the fastest growing trends in the contact center industry. Nemertes anticipates continued growth in cloud contact center offerings from a variety of vendors and for vendors to enhance existing cloud solutions.

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