Avaya Customer Experience Management Enhancements Show Omni-Channel isn’t Just for Inbound

By Lisa Durant
On Mar 13, 2014
Thursday, March 13, 2014

Earlier this week, Avaya announced new enhancements to its Customer Experience Management solutions. These enhancements enable companies to create and manage proactive outreach and self-service applications over multiple channels including SMS, email, and phone, through a single software platform.

Avaya’s updates reflect the increasingly necessary standard of not just enabling inbound omni-channel customer experience (where contact centers seamlessly handle inbound inquiries across channels) but enabling seamless customer experience across all customer-handling functions. True omni-channel requires more than just merging inbound channels together on a single platform: it requires de-siloing functions and enabling seamless customer management in both the contact center and in other organizational areas such as marketing.

Companies should evaluate how they are currently handling the full customer journey and ensure that seamless multi-channel customer experience is not limited to the contact center.

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