Carrier as Systems Integrator

By Tim Smith
On Oct 04, 2013
Friday, October 4, 2013

Last week I wrote about the emerging and evolving system integration role carriers are now playing. A good example of this is One Source Networks. Their offers begin with facilities based transport services combined with services from other carriers both domestic and international. They then layer on additional functions such as cloud-based unified communications (UCaaS), data center services (IaaS) and various managed network services (e.g. network monitoring and management). Finally, they offer custom integration services to meet specific needs of enterprise clients. It is not my intent to endorse any one supplier but to illustrate the types of things the carriers are doing. I think the potential benefits to enterprises are clear – less staff required for the delivery of services, lower capital expenditures, economies of scale via the carriers’ purchasing power, broader array of capabilities to utilize and deeper expertise to draw on. As with anything however, there are drawbacks such as lack of control, possible lack of focus if the carrier gets over-extended and potentially higher operational expenditures. I still see utilizing carriers as systems integrators as a great opportunity for enterprises. I’ll be looking for specific examples to share – both positive and negative. I’m certainly interested in other people’s experiences as well.

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