Contact Center and Customer Engagement 2014 Research

By Lisa Durant
On Jan 13, 2014
Monday, January 13, 2014

Nemertes recently began its 2014 Enterprise Technology Benchmark. This year, we are expanding our research in the Contact Center and Customer Engagement track covering such areas as the omni-channel trend, the specific KPIs that companies are using to gauge contact center success, and contact center organizational strategies. Specifically, we will focus on the following areas:

1. Contact Center Architecture and Organization – How are companies organizing their contact centers? Who is responsible for making purchasing decisions, and where are these individuals focusing their attention this year? We will look farther into how contact centers are spending their money and why they are or are not making certain technology or organizational changes. We will focus on areas such as movement to the Cloud, changing ACD/IVR vendors, and migration from TDM to IP.

2. How Contact Centers are Engaging Their Customers – Nearly every contact center solution out there is capable of engaging with multiple channels. But, how many companies are actually using these channels or planning to do so in the future? And, how many are vetting these channels through their contact centers vs. other parts of their organization? We will look further into the multi- or omni-channel trend as well as integration of customer communities.

3. What Makes a Successful Contact Center – We will look not only at how companies are evaluating themselves through specific KPIs but also how certain technology and organizational decisions affect the overall perceived success of a contact center. We will also investigate the use of common customer service KPIs such as Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

4. The Future of Analytics – From using speech analytics to leveraging big data and business intelligence to assess contact center performance and success, we will dive deeper into both how companies are currently using analytics in their contact centers as well as how they might do so in the future.

5. Plans for Using WebRTC – Support for WebRTC has been a hot topic amongst contact center vendors in the past year. How many companies are currently using or planning to use WebRTC to interact with their customers? We will look further into the demand and desire for WebRTC in the contact center and how companies are evaluating the technology.

If you are an IT practitioner in an end-user organization and are willing to give us a one-hour confidential interview, please contact us at In return for your participation, we will share the results of this year’s benchmark once data is available.

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