Glowpoint Joins the “Reservationless” Video Conferencing Craze

By Irwin Lazar
On Sep 19, 2013
Thursday, September 19, 2013

Glowpoint recently introduced “Glowpoint Now,” a reservation-less video conferencing in the cloud offering designed to compete with the likes of BlueJeans Network and Vidtel.

The premise of these services is simple: Make multi-party video conferencing as easy to use as multi-party audio-conferencing. Users of these kinds of services simply share a bridge number that participants connect to using their video conferencing platform of choice. In the case of BlueJeans and Vidtel, users can connect with Skype or even their web browser (Vidtel is offering a beta of a WebRTC-based user interface). The Glowpoint offering supports Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, and web browser access.

Interest in cloud-based video conferencing platforms is exploding as an alternative to high capital cost investments in on-premise MCUs, and as a way of shifting multi-party conferencing costs out to lines of business. While only 19% of companies are currently using such services, another 37% are evaluating them or planning for future deployments. Interest is highest among large global companies.