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By Irwin Lazar
On Apr 23, 2014

Google Takes Another Step Toward End-to-End UC

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Google has made some curious moves into the enterprise communication and collaboration space as of late, capitalizing on Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP to attempt to drive XP customers to Google Apps for Business (See “It’s time for real change” by Amit Singh, President of Google Enterprise), and announcing a partnership with Cisco at last month’s Enterprise Connect to demonstrate Cisco WebEx meetings running on a Chromebook.

By Irwin Lazar
On Mar 28, 2014

SharePoint and Enterprise Social

Friday, March 28, 2014

One of the frequent conversations we have with our clients as they develop their enterprise social collaboration strategy is around the role of SharePoint. In our 2013-14 benchmark we noted that most benchmark research participants who say they have an enterprise-wide social platform say its SharePoint. When we first published that data point, it elicited a rebuke from other enterprise social software vendors - "SharePoint isn't a social platform!" one told us. But to customers, it is.

By Irwin Lazar
On Mar 21, 2014

The Journey to the Genesys Cloud

Friday, March 21, 2014

Genesys recently held its annual analyst conference in California, providing attendees with a glimpse into its financial performance, market focus, and planned initiatives. While some of what was discussed is NDA, several key themes were present across sessions:

By Irwin Lazar
On Feb 28, 2014

An Update on Microsoft Lync

Friday, February 28, 2014
One of the most frequent questions I get in my discussions with our clients is “what should we do about Lync, is it ready to replace our PBX from vendor XXX”? It’s clear that Microsoft has gained a lot of mindshare among enterprise UC decision makers. And why not, the argument that those already using Lync for instant messaging and web conferencing can leverage it for voice, thus reducing costs by eliminating a separate telephony platform, is compelling, along with the complementary benefit of not having to integrate disparate UC applications.

By Irwin Lazar
On Feb 27, 2014

Google Wades into Enterprise UC

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Google has long been a bit of a quiet player in the unified communications space. Google mail, used by 27% of participants in our 2013-14 Enterprise Technology Benchmark who were using cloud-based mail/calendar apps, has established a strong market presence. Google also plays in the enterprise via its search appliance, a cross-platform tool used by many large companies to index files stored across multiple stores and repositories.

By Irwin Lazar
On Feb 05, 2014

The Struggle for Enterprise Social

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Last week I followed the news out of IBM’s annual collaboration conference in Orlando (formerly Lotusphere, now IBM Connect). As they have done for the last several years IBM announced a slew of enhancements to their Connections social collaboration platform as they implement their vision to make it the primary end-user collaboration interface; combining access to UC applications, document, and messaging services.
By Irwin Lazar
On Jan 21, 2014

And Back to the Edge We Go…

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Anyone who has been in the IT industry for more than a few years probably understands the cyclical nature of computing. Early computing was based on the idea of dumb endpoints interfacing with a centralized mainframe. PCs replaced that paradigm by decentralizing computing out to the end-points to achieve speed and scalability not feasible in a mainframe environment. Security, cost, and ubiquitous access requirements have driven computing away from the endpoints and back into a core (or “cloud”) in recent years. Now comes the latest swing of the pendulum – “edge” computing.

By Irwin Lazar
On Jan 15, 2014

Aspect Returns To Its Roots

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When I last attended an Aspect analyst conference in Chicago two years ago I found a company that was in the midst of refocusing away from its core competency in the contact center space; moving toward a new direction that emphasized its relationship with Microsoft and its ability to provide professional services to support Lync and SharePoint through its acquisition of Quilogy. Fast forward to this week, where Aspect held another annual analyst event, this time in its new Phoenix office, and one thing is clear, Aspect is focused back in the contact center and customer engagement space.

By Irwin Lazar
On Jan 07, 2014

Cisco Collaborate.Com Acquisition Shows Need for Unified Cloud Communications

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Cisco’s recent acquisition of highlights increasing enterprise adoption of cloud-based collaboration services. enables teams to set up workspaces for document sharing, task management, and communications; accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Collaborate’s offering is similar to those from companies like Citrix (Podio) and social software offerings from Igloo, Socialtext, and more.

By Irwin Lazar
On Dec 23, 2013

UC and Collaboration in 2014

Monday, December 23, 2013

As we near the end of the year I wanted to share some of the areas where I’m focusing my research for 2014; a view inside the mind of a UC/collaboration analyst if you will. Here are the five “hot” collaboration areas that we will be digging into in detail as part of our 2014-15 Enterprise Technology Benchmark.


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