UC and Collaboration in 2014

By Irwin Lazar
On Dec 23, 2013
Monday, December 23, 2013

As we near the end of the year I wanted to share some of the areas where I’m focusing my research for 2014; a view inside the mind of a UC/collaboration analyst if you will. Here are the five “hot” collaboration areas that we will be digging into in detail as part of our 2014-15 Enterprise Technology Benchmark.

  1. UC Mobility: This year we reported that softphone and mobile UC client adoption was poised for significant growth, and that softphones are rapidly replacing desktop phones. Next year we’ll look at this trend in greater detail to understand business cases, user experiences, how companies are provisioning supporting devices like headsets and USB phones, and if the mobile phone will ever replace the desktop phone.
  2. Mobile Document Collaboration: Services like Box and DropBox have seen tremendous growth; next year we’ll look at the role they are playing in an enterprise document management and collaboration strategy, how they are co-existing with or replacing existing platforms like SharePoint, and how enterprises are managing these services
  3. Enterprise Social: We’ve tracked social collaboration software use over the last several years. Not much has changed: social is often misunderstood, confused with public social services like Twitter and Facebook, and driven by line of business rather than IT. However in our consulting engagements we’re hearing of growing interest in using social for idea management, innovation, and workgroup collaboration. Next year we’ll dive deeper into social adoption, management, governance, and business case.
  4. Video Conferencing and Sharing: Last year we reported strong uptake of mobile video (especially video conferencing applications on tablets), and the rapid enterprise adoption of video content streaming and sharing platforms to enable enterprise YouTube!-like services for workers to easily create and share their own video. Next year we’ll further track trends in this space, look at governance and management approaches, and look at video conferencing usage trends across room, desktop, and mobile devices.
  5. UC in the Cloud: This year we published a comprehensive look at adoption of not only cloud-based UC applications like voice, video, and web conferencing, but also instant message, email, and calendar services. Next year we’ll continue to track growth in this area; paying special attention to enterprise plans for integrating cloud and on-premise platforms, and how companies are looking to integrate across cloud services.

As always, if you are an IT practioner in an end-user organization who’s willing to give us an hour for a confidential interview, we’ll share the results of next year’s benchmark once data is available.  Please contact us at research@nemertes.com to schedule an interview.

Have a great holiday and new year everyone!