XenMobile’s Unveiled Improvements at Citrixy Synergy

By John Arkontaky
On May 22, 2014
Thursday, May 22, 2014

In March, we covered how Citrix incorporated Federal Information Processing Standards, or FIPS, compliance into XenMobile to meet the needs of highly regulated (i.e. government-regulated industries and the like). Citrix re-emphasized XenMobile’s FIPS compliance during last week’s Citrix Synergy IT conference. At Citrix Synergy, the company’s annual IT conference for mobility, networking, virtualization, and cloud, Citrix pulled the curtain off XenMobile 9.0’s enhancements for its proprietary business applications as well as its expanded portfolio of supported operating systems (OSs). 

Improving the functionality of WorxMail and WorxWeb, the two apps can be quickly toggled with XenMobile 9.0. Also, Citrix is taking advantage of the unique user interface (UI) of smartphones and tablets by adding touch-based gestures to sort and file emails in WorxMail. These innovations are handy, but the new XenMobile apps are likely to make a bigger splash. The note-taking tool, WorxNotes, integrates notes with WorxMail and ShareFile, making on-the-fly notations easily documented and shared. WorxEdit allows users to edit documents (yes, including Microsoft Office docs) and sync data to ShareFile from mobile devices.

WorxEdit is an absolutely necessary and right on time for Citrix. With Microsoft recently announcing that its closing Office compatibility on mobile endpoints exclusively to its OneDrive cloud, Citrix needed an answer to keep organizations from considering a shift to OneDrive for Office app compatibility.

Lastly, Citrix is adding Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 support to XenMobile. Currently, only 25% of organizations support Windows 8, and another 16% plan to add Windows Phone 8 support in 2014. While this figure pales in comparison to iOS and Android, Windows Phone 8 is on the rise in the enterprise and Citrix is wise for incorporating it into XenMobile.

XenMobile 9.0 and the enhancements therein won’t be available until June 2014, and the new apps will be available as “technology previews” for Citrix’s current customers. 

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