Nemertes Custom Research

Nemertes Custom Research Program provides you with crucial research data you need to make product development, product marketing, and strategic business decisions.

Our custom research uses Nemertes' industry-leading methodology, starting with hypotheses development, supporting questions, and live interviews. We augment the live interviews with pre-qualified electronic surveys. Our key value propositions are:

  • We always gather qualitative information through live interviews
  • We identify outliers through detailed drill-down questions, documentation, and follow-up during the live interviews
  • We use a stringent methodology to uncover and discard any electronic survey responses that do not meet our standards, providing our clients with a high level of data integrity
  • Professional project management, start to finish
  • Deliverables, such as papers, Webcasts, and speaking engagements, based on the data findings

For additional information on Nemertes custom research, please contact