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Organizations should acknowledge that many people desire guest wireless Internet access when visiting a company,and take the necessary steps
Oct 26, 2015
Security is viewed as a business enabler by a plurality of organizations (42%), and more view security as a business enabler than do not.
Dec 05, 2014
More than half of companies are increasing security spending, primarily because of new visibility, scope, and role for IT professionals.
Dec 05, 2014
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Aug 21, 2014
In 2014, more than 14% of employees use a tablet as a primary computing device.
Jul 10, 2014
64% of companies plan to deploy an MDM solution by the end of 2014.
Apr 28, 2014
The number of organizations with a Big Data initiative almost doubled, from 29% in 2012 to 53%, in 2013.
Jan 06, 2014
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Nov 13, 2013
Slightly less than a third of companies cite “security and authentication” as holding them back from leveraging more Software as a Service.
Apr 18, 2013
Despite concerns about the security of IaaS solutions, IT is more than willing to trust cloud-based security services.
Mar 20, 2013
The number of IT organizations now using VS is on the rise with 43.3% of organizations currently using and 26.7% either evaluating/planning
Mar 18, 2013
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Jan 23, 2013
Dec 14, 2010
Dec 18, 2009
Aug 17, 2009
Mar 23, 2009
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Feb 28, 2009