Nemertes PilotHouse Program

A myriad of technology options exist today. Making the right decision can pay off in reduced costs, increased revenue, improved productivity, and elevated stature of IT. Nemertes PilotHouse program provides the analysis you need, based on real-world feedback from those who use the technology today, along with the expertise of Nemertes' experienced team.

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The PilotHouse program leverages Nemertes’ leadership in quantitative studies and correlation analysis. We uncover what IT decision-makers think of their vendors, what’s most important in the criteria they use to rate their vendors, and how vendors compare on several dimensions.

In addition to insight from IT decision-makers, Nemertes’ analysts also evaluate a variety of technology areas with our Key Trends analysis. These reports draw from our annual benchmark research, as well as detailed interviews with vendors. The benchmark research provides insights on technology trends, adoption statistics, drivers, and inhibitors. The end results are detailed reports that compare, side-by-side, vendor product features, architectures, and support metrics.

The program includes graphic elements for at-a-glance looks at the results:

For Enterprise and Midmarket IT Leaders

All Nemertes enterprise and midmarket clients have access to our PilotHouse research, which includes:

  • About 50 reports, one on each vendor for each technology category
  • Enterprise overview reports for each technology category
  • Midmarket overview report for each technology category
  • Five Key Trends reports
  • Two data repositories containing vendor scorecards, customer loyalty barometers, scorecards, and more

The goal of the research is to provide insight based on quantitative scoring primarily from your peers, and also from Nemertes' expert analysts.

Nemertes also offers Technology Evaluation and Selection consulting to guide you through the process of choosing the right vendor for your requirements.

For Vendors

True competitive analysis requires insight from customers and analysts. Nemertes PilotHouse program provides vendors with detailed analysis of their performance--and their competitors'. Vendor clients who invest in the PilotHouse program track have access to a plethoria of research, as well as time with analysts, to effectively evaluate the market, their own strengths and weaknesses, and customer's view of them.

Vendors can leverage the PilotHouse Competitive Analysis Program in the following ways:

  • PilotHouse Research Track: Access to all research reports, data repository, and limited analyst time
  • PilotHouse Competitive Analysis: On-site, detailed session during which a Nemertes expert analyst evaluates your performance and your competitors', conducts correlation analysis, and provides detailed recommendations
  • PilotHouse Promotional Package: Those who performed well can opt for promotional opportunities that leverage findings through reports, Webcasts, and usage of the "PilotHouse Top Provider" logo

PilotHouse Top Provider

PilotHouse Coverage Areas

Unified Communications & Collaboration (published May 2014)

UCC Methodology & Overview (Available to everyone)

UCC Per-Vendor Reports (Available to PilotHouse UC clients, all enterprise and midmarket clients, PilotHouse UCC research participants)

Key Trend Reports  (Available to PilotHouse UC clients, all enterprise and midmarket clients)

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Cloud and Data Centers (scheduled for late summer 2014)

CDC Methodology & Overview (Available to everyone)

CDC Per-Vendor Reports (Available to PilotHouse CDC clients, all enterprise and midmarket clients, PilotHouse CDC research participants)

CDC Overview Report (Available to PilotHouse CDC clients, all enterprise and midmarket clients, PilotHouse CDC research participants)

  • Colocation and managed hosting
  • Data-center switching
  • SaaS: CRM
  • SaaS: Email
  • Infrastructure as a Service

Wireless and Mobility (Fall 2014)

MOB Methodology (Available to everyone)

MOB Summary Reports (Available to PilotHouse MDM clients, all enterprise and midmarket clients,)

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Wireless LAN
  • Mobile devices and operating systems
  • Mobile application development

Contact Center (Published April 2015)

CC Methodology (Available to everyone)

CC Summary Reports (Available to PilotHouse CC clients, all enterprise and midmarket clients,)

  • ACD
  • Call Recording
  • IVR
  • Outbound Dialer
  • Workforce Management Solutions

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