Products and Services for Media Companies

 A Trusted Voice in IT

Nemertes takes pride in the objectivity and credibility of its research, earned through unwavering vendor-independence since the company’s founding and based on the breadth and accuracy of the information we derive from live conversations with IT practitioners.

 Editorial Services

Annual Editorial Agreement
Based on
the editorial calendar, Nemertes supplies pre-defined articles throughout the calendar year.

On-Demand Editorial Articles, Columns and Blogs
Analysis of the latest technologies supported by our research data, as needed.

Editorial Webcasts
Engaging presentations on the hottest technology topics.

Editorial Video Clips
Analysts interviewed or presenting.

Media Speaking Engagements
Captivating educational sessions about the current state of technology: keynote presentations, workshops, roundtables.

Media Podcasts
Analyst participation or lead in media audio discussion panels and interviews.

Vendor-Sponsored Media Engagements

Research Data, Supplemented by Brief Written or Verbal Commentary
Charts, tables and other hard data, along with brief written context or verbal interview, for vendor-sponsored media publications (online or print).

Custom Research Briefs, Blogs or Articles
Vendor-agnostic, independent technology analysis for vendor-sponsored media projects. (Distribution rights to vendor also available.)

Engaging presentations on the hottest technology topics, sponsored by a vendor.

Video Clips
Analysts interviewed or presenting.

Vendor-Sponsored Speaking Engagements
Analyst participation or presentation at customer or partner events, including multi-city tours, and breakfast, lunch, or dinner meetings.

Custom Podcasts
Analyst participation or lead in vendor-sponsored discussion panels and interviews.

Why Choose Nemertes?

Best Advice in the Business
Senior-level analysts with proven expertise in business and technology provide insights and information drawn from Nemertes’ latest research.

Unparalleled Objectivity
Recommendations based on data—not subjective opinions. We tell it like it is! Nemertes analysts cannot hold stock or options in companies we cover (this is unique in the research industry).

Skilled and Colorful Writers
We follow high standards for creating professional and engaging written material; our internal peering process further minimizes the need for final copy edits.

Seasoned Speakers
Our analysts are experienced presenters and sought-after for global speaking events.

Centralized Media Support
A central point person coordinates and delivers all media products. Our operations team ensures timely production of media deliverables.

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