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What do both established Fortune 50 companies and some of the fastest-growing tech startups on the planet have in common?

A relationship with Nemertes

Here’s why they consider us an essential component of their strategies:

  • The best advice in the business. Nemertes hires analysts with proven expertise in business, technology, sales, and communications. Only Nemertes analysts regularly update their understanding of enterprise technology requirements with structured, methodical benchmarks. Our analysts  provide the best strategic and technical advice in the business.
  • Custom inquiries. Have a question? We'll get you the answer, based on our analysts' expertise and research data. Simply send your inquiry and deadline to, and we'll do the work for you. We will pull research from our databases and reports, coupled with our own expertise, and provide you with a written response, recommendations, and option for a phone call for further discussion.
  • World-class visibility. Nemertes analysts are literally “rock stars” in the tech space. Our columns and blogs have avid readers, and we draw crowds when we keynote major events. We’ve been on the front page of tech pubs and general business publications (e.g. the New York Times) and are sought after as panelists and speakers.
  • Research methodology. Nemertes doesn't farm out surveys, or base its insight on the last few conversations with IT leaders. We use a structured, scientific methodology and actually talk to IT leaders, in a structured fashion. Benchmarking is in our DNA, and that requires conversations with hundreds of IT leaders each year, conducted by all analysts and our executive team, all the way to the president and CEO. We know what's happening in the business-technology market because we talk to those making decisions regularly.
  • Relationships: Our research methodology puts us in front of the most senior-level IT leader. So the combination of our research and consulting keeps us apprised to the latest challenges and opportunities in the enterprise and midmarket.
  • One-on-one executive-level relationships. The intimate size of our firm allows CEOs and senior-level executives to benefit from a personal relationship with Nemertes partners and principals. Senior executives know they can reach out to us at any time for coaching, brainstorming, or general advice and support.
  • Outstanding customer service. Our clients regularly tell us they can’t believe how responsive and flexible we are. We pride ourselves on being nimble and easy to work with.  You won’t just be a number to Nemertes.
  • Unparalleled objectivity. Nemertes bases all recommendations on data—not subjective opinions. We tell it like it is! Nemertes analysts cannot hold stock or options in companies we cover (unique in the research industry)

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