Android’s App Verification Tool Illustrates Need For Additional Enterprise Security Tools

December 17, 2012

Google’s app verification and malware detection tool, built into their Android 4.2 mobile operating system, shows the ongoing need to improve the security of the mobile environment. Unfortunately, researchers at North Carolina State University demonstrated that the tool caught only about 15% of the malware they tested it against, reporting that its detection weaknesses stem from it being a cloud tool that collects a limited set of data points to test. Competing client-side third-party solutions from vendors such as Avast, Symantec and Kaspersky Lab demonstrated detection rates ranging from 51 to 100%.

Over 70% of companies support Android today, with the mobile operating system making up 24% of mobile devices in the average enterprise. iOS has outpaced Android in the enterprise with 96.3% adoption, in part due to due to Apple’s strict vetting of apps.

BTA Bottom Line: Android will continue to grow within the enterprise; companies that support Android should evaluate anti-virus/malware solutions from third-party vendors such as those listed above, until Android’s native solution reaches detection parity.