Aspect Social Underscores Importance of Social to Contact Centers

January 18, 2013

With social media monitoring entering the contact center, marketing teams often find themselves ill equipped to track customer interaction and deliver analytics to measure success. To directly address this issue, Aspect Software has announced the launch of Aspect Social, a cloud-based offering available through a partnership with Lithium Technologies. Aspect Social aligns interactions organizations have with customers on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and online communities with their customer contact operations. Companies can enable contact center agents to address inquiries or comments in the social sphere or even proactively engage customers in anticipation of disruptive events such as power outages or travel delays. Aspect joins Cisco, SalesForce, Siemens and others in allowing social media comments to be routed to contact center agents to broaden engagement.

Already, 54% of organizations are using or evaluating some method of social media monitoring today and social software budgets are expected to grow in 2013.

ETA Bottom Line: Executives should determine if success can be improved by incorporating social media tracking into the contact center, and then shape a unified strategy to process and analyze social media engagements.