Benchmark 2012-2013 Emerging WAN Trends: The Internet Arises

July 1, 2013

Three out of four IT organizations report no growth in WAN, yet nearly half project significant increases in bandwidth requirements, increasingly driven by demand from mobile devices. Technology services become more centralized, or shift to the cloud, while technology workers spread out to more locations. Improvements in the reliability, performance, and relative cost of Internet connections lead many organizations to leverage the Internet to address these challenges: by connecting branches directly to the Internet, to supplement the WAN; and by using the Internet as the WAN. Increasing use of Internet is not driving faster deployment of IPv6, despite the exhaustion of address spaces. But, as the use of “nontraditional” IP devices such as surveillance cameras and environmental sensors increases, few companies are looking to IPv6 as a means to connect these (or traditional) devices to each other or to the larger Internet.

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