BlackBerry10’s Forthcoming Tiered Services Highlight Enterprise Uptake of New Devices, Infrastructure

January 7, 2013

RIM, maker of Blackberry has announced it will offer tiered pricing for enterprise services, including Mobile Device Management (MDM), mail, security and messaging when it launches BB10 devices in early 2013. RIM’s has struggled in recent years, largely due to the popularity of competing Apple and Android devices. Accordingly, many companies have deployed device management and security infrastructure to support these new mobile devices, in addition to BlackBerrys. For companies with these services already in place, having a one-size-fits-all pricing option that includes similar or redundant services from BlackBerry isn’t ideal. By offering customers tiered pricing and options for different components of mobile services infrastructure, RIM is hoping to increase their value proposition. However, RIM’s stock price did take a significant hit in light of this announcement; many investors view BlackBerry’s tiered pricing as a gutting of their highly profitable services division.

The average company’s device population is 45.3% iOS, 30.3% BlackBerry and 24% Android, which is in stark contrast to a few years ago when BlackBerry was the enterprise standard. Companies are moving to non-BlackBerry provided management services as well, with 46% of enterprises using MDM and 84% expecting to have deployed a solution by 2014.

ETA Bottom Line:

If BB10 will be part of your device population in 2013, your company can look to cut costs by only purchasing the services you need, rather than the entire BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) suite.