BYOD: Infrastructure Requirements

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September 13, 2013

Increasingly, employees no longer must be tethered to an Ethernet port or power plug to complete their workday. Rather, these employees need only a Wi-Fi or cellular link for connectivity to the enterprise. This trend stems not only from the nature of these workers’ tasks but also the growth of mobility and mobile devices as true content creation engines. Enterprise-enabled mobile devices are no longer the domain of only salespeople, field workers, and iPad-toting executives. Most employees are now choosing their devices and associated work habits based on a combination of their daily job requirements and personal preferences. Accordingly, this paper will examine emerging work models, supporting security and infrastructure adoption and the devices that are driving this growth. As bring your own device (BYOD) purchasing models continue to flourish within the enterprise, IT professionals remain unconvinced that offloading device and monthly fees to the employee outweigh the security and direct costs of BYOD-supporting infrastructure. Along with other new work trends, this report will review the pros and cons of teleworking and how wireless-only workers are changing how companies view the importance of WLAN. Readers will walk away with a clear perspective on what is driving wireless-only work, what they should do to enable it, what infrastructure requirements IT should address, and the productivity, monetary, and overall success to expect.

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