Cavium NEURON Chips Underscore Increasing Need For Intelligent Networks

November 8, 2012

Cavium is now sampling its new NEURON search processors, which do associative (content-addressed) lookups of data one to two orders of magnitude faster than older ships, are an order of magnitude denser, and consume an order of magnitude less power. This underscores the continuing need for more intelligence in the network to power higher throughputs, lower latencies, and greater application awareness. Search chips power numerous network functions, such as MAC address and access control list lookups in switches and routers, and can play a roll in in-line data deduplication and WAN optimization. With 68% of organizations deploying WAN optimization, 87% expecting to push more packets through their network in the coming year than this year, and 86% projecting increased storage consumption, the need for greater speed in complex lookups only increases.

BTA Bottom Line:

If your network needs are extreme in scale and heavy on content-driven decisions (about switching, routing, or other aspects of the traffic), seek out the vendors using the highest-capacity search-enabling components. Even in a software-defined network, hardware plays an essential role and its embedded abilities make a difference.