The Changing Face of IT: What Defines Success?

September 11, 2013

The infusion of information technology throughout the enterprise provides IT leadership with challenges and opportunities. Every worker is now a knowledge worker, and most enterprises are fundamentally linked to information for their fiscal success. IT leadership must become more involved in the broader enterprise and take an active role in solving business problems, not just managing the cost of IT. IT success is about how technology is delivered and how well the IT organization meets and advances the business needs of the enterprise. When organizations treat IT as a strategic investment rather than a cost center, they are significantly more successful. That success derives in part from how they handle insourcing vs. outsourcing decisions, how they relate to their vendors and service providers, and how well they define the roles within their organizations. The transformation of IT from cost center to strategic resource, and of the IT department from siloed specialists to resources used across the business to drive success, starts with a look inside the IT operating model. By unshackling itself from the cost-based delivery of technology and the shift to delivering IT based business solutions, the IT organization will transform into an innovative partner. An innovative IT organization is one that is agile, leverages third-party input, uses adaptive roles and processes and connects actively with the business it supports.

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