Court Ruling Sets Stage for DiMoWiNe Growth

January 2, 2013

The U.S. Court of Appeals has upheld a decision that provides the FCC with oversight of mobile operators’ data inter-connection pricing. Smaller, regional operators should feel more comfortable in deploying their spectrum holdings for network use and moving forward with faster 3G and 4G deployments due to the ruling. Accordingly, vendors providing virtualized cellular technology such as Distributed Mobile Broadband Network (DiMoWiNe) hope that that ruling means smaller operators, government and enterprise organizations will adopt their technology. DiMoWiNe, offered by vendors like LEMKO, uses a virtualized core that converts cellular data and voice into universally compatible Internet Protocol (IP), decreasing the complexity and risk of integrating cellular networks.

An increasing number of companies have a portion of their workforce (10%) that are wireless-only, meaning they only use cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity throughout their workday. Companies should look to decrease these costs, especially if these employees need to use roaming data.

ETA Bottom Line:

Companies with employees that are stationed or travel to areas that are supported by smaller or rural cellular carriers should see less expensive roaming rates. Enterprises that have invested in stand-alone cellular networks should evaluate cellular technologies that help with inter-connection and upgradability, such as DiMoWiNe.