EMC iWave Acquisition Shows Growing Significance of Automation for Cloud

January 18, 2013

The completed acquisition by EMC of iWave Software (for an undisclosed amount) highlights the criticality of automation for cloud initiatives. EMC will be rolling iWave and its wares into the Advanced Storage Division with the goal of expanding its portfolio of automation tools to knit together in-house and cloud storage robustly.

Already 29% of companies have a big data initiative, and 13% expect to be using cloud storage this year with almost as many evaluating their options. As both these trends continue and increasingly come together, the need for robust storage automation will only increase, touching more companies and becoming more important to them.

BTA Bottom Line: Automation, with storage or any other technology, is the key to scaling operations effectively; those projecting a massive expansion in storage consumption and contemplating cloud solutions for some of their storage challenges should be carefully planning how they will automate and integrate cloud and in-house storage management.