Enterprise Shift to HTML5 Apps Highlights BYOD, Varied Mobile Platform

January 18, 2013


  • The average company’s device population is 45% iOS, 30% Blackberry and 24% Android. 
  • Consequently, app development is shifting away from often cumbersome remote-access/Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDI) and single platform native apps to web-based/HTML5 apps. Thought only 8% of companies support these apps today, 28% have plans and another 16% are evaluating solutions. 
  • ETA Bottom Line: Native apps are cost-prohibitive unless your company has normalized across a single mobile platform, and VDI apps are too bandwidth and latency sensitive. If you have a multi-platform and/or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) purchasing strategy (63% of companies do), look to offer the best bang for your buck via web-based/HTML5 or hybrid apps.