The Enterprise Technology Shift: Your Next-Generation Roadmap

September 12, 2012

IT is undergoing a major change from “information” technology to “enterprise” technology, or ET. We define ET as the deployment of standardized computing and communications technology outside the office (i.e. to virtual and mobile employees and the physical world). Examples include clinical technology (in healthcare environments), smartgrids (energy and utility companies), and technology professionals on the front lines engaging with clients to ensure effective service delivery (among professional-services firms). Critical technologies and delivery mechanisms include mobility, cloud, machine-to-machine networks and automation.

This is in stark contrast to the “siloed” approach to technology from previous generations, in which MIS (and later IT) focused purely on office productivity. With ET, technology professionals are being asked to deliver and manage technology across the entire enterprise—from factory floors to customer sites, and beyond. To successfully capitalize on this transition—and stay relevant in the era of enterprise technology—technology professionals must transform how they organize their staffs, engage with business units, and deliver services. These transformations include engaging in non-traditional initiatives (including business-critical, strategic initiatives); increasingly relying on cloud and mobile technologies; and engaging vendors as strategic partners to assist in technology innovation.

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