Google IaaS Changes Reflect Growing Acceptance of Public Cloud

December 10, 2012

Google has announced both a 10x increase in the number of virtual machine types it offers through its ComputeEngine Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering (along with a price reduction on the original ones) and a 20% cost drop on cloud storage. More than half of enterprises using IaaS cite savings as the main driver for adoption; by making more kinds of instance available, allowing a closer fit of virtual machine to workload requirements, and by dropping prices, Google hopes to ride that cost-cutting wave to higher market presence.

BTA Bottom Line:

If you are already using IaaS, remember that one thing you are supposed to be able to do is move workloads to where services that meet your needs are cheapest; but when vendors cut prices, don't lose sight of the "meet your needs" part of that formula.