HP cloud services strategy confirms shift towards managed, hosted, and cloud services

December 17, 2012

HP’s public cloud service has moved from beta service to general availability, aiming to ride the enterprise shift to increased use of managed, hosted, and cloud services. HP’s appears to be targeting customers of Amazon Web Services, with a similar and competitively priced pay-as-you-go model based for compute, cloud block storage, and cloud services automation. Its use of the open source OpenStack framework should help alleviate customer fear of being locked in to a proprietary solution.

More than 75% of enterprises are already leveraging managed, hosted, and cloud services. The companies that use these services to help compensate for lack of staff show higher revenue per employee and higher revenue per IT employee, as well as higher IT success.

BTA Bottom Line: Organizations with virtualized data center operations should evaluate the potential benefits of OpenStack cloud offerings and the potential for hybrid clouds.