IBM Social Analytics Reflect Business Case Challenges

January 25, 2012

IBM (NYSE:IBM) introduced improvedanalytics to its Connections enterprise social business platform, enabling customers to look for trends that identify the value of their social interactions. Connections provides integrated social tools including activity streams, profile tagging, messaging, groups, and integration with content management and business process applications.

IT leaders continue to struggle to build a social computing business case. While 63% of companies are deploying, planning to deploy, or evaluating social business platforms, only 11% have identified quantifiable metrics for determining deployment success. However more than 40% of organizations still require a business case before initiating broad deployment.


Enterprises: Evaluate social platforms on their ability to integrate with and provide value to enterprise business processes, support new revenue models, or reduce costs.

Vendors: Success won’t come from selling features, it will come from selling business improvement. Work with your customers to apply social tools that solve specific business challenges.

Investors: Social analytics growth is good news for Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), Jive (NASDAQ:JIVE), and privately held Telligent.