IT Transformation: Discover The Key That Unlocks Success

February 14, 2012

There is more to IT transformation than new technologies crossing functional boundaries and requiring far greater integration. In fact, what is imperative for success is how efficiently the IT organization's operating model can respond to (and anticipate) the business demands for new technology. The IT organization can be a key enabler and strategic partner—or a huge roadblock.

Nemertes guides IT organizations through the transformation maze to ensure they do become a strategic partner. Transformation is not a point-in-time achievement; rather, it’s a framework for success that leads to partnership with the business, along with the elevation of and reliance on IT leaders. Fortunately, there are several functional elements that provide the baseline for transformation. In this webinar, we will explain why transformation should be a mission-critical priority for any IT organization and what your top priorities should be at all stages of the transformation lifecycle.

Robin Gareiss, Executive Vice President and Founder
Jerry Gentry, Vice President - IT Program Management

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