Juniper’s Acquisition of Contrail Spotlights SDN Momentum

January 2, 2013

With its acquisition of Contrail, Juniper joins Cisco and VMware in boosting their product portfolios by acquiring software-defined networking (SDN) technology. Contrail has developed a distributed networking operating system, as well as an orchestration layer that supports a variety of common protocols like XMPP and BGP. Contrail’s solution is squarely targeted at enterprises and is expected to run on top of already deployed Cisco and Juniper gear.

Nearly 60% of organizations have noted a slow down in moving from physical to virtual servers. Complexity of systems is cited as a key barrier to increased adoption. The ability for network architects to leverage SDN to define network configurations in software will eliminate some of these barriers. Juniper’s push means that SDN buyers benefit from increased competition between Cisco, Juniper, VMware, and others.

ETA Bottom Line:

Organizations looking to leverage their existing networking investments while taking advantage of the benefits of SDN should consider Juniper’s Contrail product as part of their SDN strategy.