Key Trends: Contact Center of the Future

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March 3, 2014

As new forms of technology become increasingly accessible to the every day consumer, businesses must change how they engage their customers to better facilitate communication. In the contact center, it is not enough to simply offer a new channel of communication (live chat, email). The contact center must intelligently route and efficiently handle these different types of communication just like it has done for traditional voice calls for years. Otherwise, the customers’ experience and, therefore, the company’s reputation, for customer service may suffer.

The days of the simple voice-only call center with standard routing needs are ending, and organizations are now merging and routing multiple voice and non-voice channels through their contact-center platforms. In fact, the traditional Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is now all but gone with most vendors offering increasingly advanced multi-channel platforms that treat every channel similarly. The contact-center market is diverse, with a mix of on-premise and cloud vendors offering solutions differentiated on pricing structure, features, and compatibility with other contact-center and unified-communications applications. IT decision makers must evaluate each solution carefully to make an informed buying decision.  

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