Low-cost Video offer Highlights the Demand for Affordable Desktop-Room HD Video Integration

December 17, 2012

Many HD room video systems are moderately to extremely expensive, making HD video conferencing cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Tely Labs, with its $499 per location telyHD solution, hopes lowering the barrier to entry will meet enterprise demand for room-based HD conferencing that can integrate desktop users as well. Using any HD television, telyHD can conference among six locations. Because telyHD is also Skype Certified, any Skype user on any Skype-enabled device can also participate.

Although 72% of businesses have desktop video, fewer than 2% of users do—but companies expect much broader desktop deployment over the next two years. Given that 71% of businesses also do, or plan to, integrate room and desktop video, demand for such systems is sure to increase quickly as well.

BTA Bottom Line: IT executives who postponed implementation of integrated room and desktop HD video due to cost should look at the newer low-cost options coming on the market.