MDM Evolution

September 24, 2012

Mobile device management (MDM) fills an increasingly significant role within the enterprise as it continues to transform from a simple device management solution to an entire suite of security, app, and mobility management features. MDM’s broadening capabilities enable enterprises via mobile application management (MAM), secure document repositories (SDR) and to a lesser extent, mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAP). As workers become more mobile in their work styles and device choices, enterprises are turning to their MDM providesr for forward-looking solutions rather than short lifecycle band-aids for the influx of consumer-oriented devices into the enterprise. Additionally, MDM is assisting companies with the need to track complicated mobile device purchasing models; most organizations use a combination of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and corporate-owned. Enterprises are adapting to the quickly growing role of MDM, using varying delivery models, including cloud, managed, and hybrid solutions in addition to traditional on-premise technologies. Companies are implementing MDM with ambitions to leverage features that extend beyond device management, to the core of enterprise strategies, infrastructures, and processes.

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