Is Microsoft ActiveSync Sufficient for Mobile Device Management?

March 13, 2012

For most enterprises, the path to mobile device management starts with ActiveSync. With the surge of BYOD, many enterprises are re-focusing mobile strategy to not only support, but also leverage the capabilities of a rapidly expanding array of devices based on a variety of mobile operating systems and push out their own applications.  Is ActiveSync up to the job of supporting a growing range of devices and applications?  At what point should companies consider an alternative mobile device management system and why?

During this informative webinar we'll answer these questions and more. We’ll look at ActiveSync and companion Exchange ActiveSync Server (EAS) in detail, address the maturing MDM market and provide IT decision makers with our recommendations on how to pick the best MDM for your needs.

Robin Gareiss, Executive Vice President and Founder
Philip Clarke, Research Analyst

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