Microsoft’s Skype App for Windows Phone 8 Illustrates Importance of Integrated Mobile Communications

November 20, 2012

Microsoft has published a Skype app for its newly released Windows Phone 8 (WP8) platform, which is much more tightly integrated with the mobile OS than other VOIP apps. For instance, Skype notifications for messages, voice and video calls can be seen while other apps are running or on WP8 devices’ lock screen. Users can even put mobile calls on hold to answer incoming Skype calls, or vice versa – a level of integration between VOIP and cellular voice that has been heretofore unavailable on mobile devices. The company claims the impact on battery life is minimal. Additionally, Microsoft’s announcement to eliminate Windows Live Messenger in Q1 2013, and roll existing accounts into Skype illuminates the company’s plans to standardize voice and messaging on Skype.

Companies expect to provision 73.5% of their WLAN infrastructure upgrades specifically for mobile devices over 2012 and ’13, and half of that will be for voice.

BTA Bottom Line:

Evaluate the advantages of Skype for voice and messaging communications within your enterprise, particularly the cost savings of reducing cellular voice minute and/or text usage. Poll employees who are using WP8 for their experience with the integrated Skype app to help gauge its real-world usability.