Mobility and Renewing The IT Operating Model

January 21, 2014
Mobility is the most visible of IT services being deployed in the enterprise, and has proved to be equally disruptive and pervasive. However, companies aren’t adopting new mobile strategies all for naught; the disruptiveness of mobility is counterbalanced by the success organizations are reaping from a myriad of mobile-centric technologies. These successes are underscored by the innovation-driven investments many enterprises are making in mobility initiatives such as mobile app development, tablet pilots, wireless local area network capacity and feature upgrades and machine-to-machine (M2M). This fundamental shift in the role of enterprise mobility has been shaped predominately by the influx of consumer-centric iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and apps. Even as their peers are piloting the aforementioned initiatives, many companies are still struggling with transitioning from a highly controlled, IT-friendly, homogenous BlackBerry model. New mobile strategies pose a challenge to the traditional IT operating model because they work outside and/or blur the lines between traditional IT and consumer technologies. However, this challenge highlights an opportunity for service providers to prove themselves as more than well-informed vendors of a suite of technologies. As more companies look outward for help with crafting and executing their mobility strategies, they need the perspective of industry professionals who’ve helped others in similar positions. These trusted advisors, or service providers that prove themselves adept and agile innovation partners in the face of this paradigm shift in mobility, are situated to forge invaluable, long-standing relationships with client companies.
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