Oracle Acquisition of Acme Packet Creates Enterprise Uncertainty

February 13, 2013

Oracle announced agreement to acquire session border control and session management vendor Acme Packet for approximately $1.7 billion. Oracle’s move is a curious one; to date Oracle has not played in the VOIP market in either the carrier or enterprise space, but Oracle does offer a carrier operational support system platform (Oracle Communications) for service delivery, customer support, and application provisioning management. Mating Oracle’s OSS solutions with Acme’s hardware and software platforms for interworking, policy management, session management, and wireless Rich Communication Services (RCS) provides carrier customers with a potentially expanded, and integrated set of hardware and software for service delivery and management.

On the enterprise side, Oracle could potentially integrate Acme products with its own SIP service platform to enable integration of SIP applications with Acme’s session management capabilities, but to date Oracle has not competed in the enterprise unified communications space.

ETA Bottom Line:

Enterprise customers of Acme products should pay careful attention to how Oracle intends to move forward with the Acme product suite. Plan to evaluate competing platforms from vendors including AudioCodes, Ingate, and Sonus as a potential backstop should Oracle focus only on the carrier market.