Provider Update: AT&T Analyst Day

September 24, 2012

At AT&T’s analyst day in June 2012, the carrier mapped out a strategic vision that focuses heavily on the notion of “network as strategic platform.” The company also highlighted key areas of technology evolution, including cloud, mobility, Big Data, unified communications, and virtualization. These align well with trends Nemertes has documented in its IT clients and benchmark studies, so we give high marks to AT&T for having the right vision. Moreover, AT&T is emphasizing key areas that we consider crucial for the IT-to-ET transition, particularly operationalized innovation and the positioning of the provider as strategic partner.

However, vision alone doesn’t differentiate AT&T (other carriers have grasped some or all of these main themes) and vision alone isn’t enough. Where the rubber meets the road is in service delivery—in turning this strategic vision into a portfolio of compelling, “must-have” services and solutions that lock AT&T in as the preferred strategic partner to a range of organizations.

Based on this analyst day, AT&T is pointed in the right direction. Now it needs to floor the gas pedal.

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