Samsung Phone Vulnerability Illustrates Need For Enhanced Mobile Security

October 11, 2012

An exploit was recently demonstrated that leverages Samsung’s Android phone’s top features, including near field communications (NFC) and quick response (QR) codes to generate a hack that can reset all of the target device’s data. The hack uses these generally trusted technologies to create a link that bypasses the device’s secure dialer, executing everything from a complete wipe to displaying device ID information. The exploit has since been patched by Samsung, though other hacks that aren’t as easy to fix based on uniform resource locator (URL) embedded QR codes and NFC communications could still remain.

Seventy percent of enterprises support Android and 96% support iOS. However, only 46% of companies have deployed a mobile devices management (MDM) solution. As these mobile devices mature from consumer platforms into trusted enterprise devices, companies need to remain cautious and vigilant.

BTA Bottom Line:

While it’s unlikely an MDM would have caught this OS-specific error, building secure mobility infrastructure, including MDM, data leakage/loss prevention (DLP) and anti-virus/malware will allow a smoother, more secure transition into iOS and Android.