Scalability and Low Initial Cost Illustrate Demand for VOIP in the Cloud

January 2, 2013

Reducing capital costs is the single largest driver for adopting cloud-based telephony. In response, Cbeyond has launched TotalCloud, a hosted telephony offering, joining a rapidly growing market of cloud-based UC providers. As with most cloud offerings, Cbeyond's TotalCloud VOIP service requires minimal upfront investment, and provides the ability to easily scale end-points up or down depending on requirements.

While only 4.5% of businesses are currently using cloud-based VOIP—and 50% of those companies are small businesses—another 20.5% are planning or evaluating VOIP in the cloud in the next two years. In fact over 23% of large businesses have plans to implement cloud-based IP in 2013.

ETA Bottom Line:

IT executives who are looking for a way to implement VOIP while reducing capital outlays should consider looking at one of the many cloud-based VOIP services available on the market today.