Security as a Business Enabler

February 25, 2014

Cybersecurity is undergoing a sea change. Previously, security professionals viewed their primary charter as protecting the organization. Senior executives agreed: they viewed information security as a necessary evil, almost a ‘tax’ on doing business, and invested accordingly—that is, as little as possible to lower risk to an acceptable level. These days, however, security professionals and other senior executives are beginning to see security as a way to enable, enhance, and grow the business. In other words, they have moved from asking themselves, “What will it take to protect the organization,” to, “What would we be doing differently if we weren’t afraid?”

That’s leading to a fundamental shift in how companies are approaching cybersecurity technology, policies, and personnel. They’re taking a pervasive protection approach to security, and deploying technologies and techniques such as mobile device management, Big Data analytics, granular content management, and single-sign-on for cloud services. This holistic, proactive approach is enabling formerly risk-averse companies to embrace mobility and the cloud. Finally, security staffers are increasingly stepping up to the role of enterprise trusted advisors—even helping organizations meet their goals for innovation.

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