Tableau Connector for Google BigQuery Shows Rising Importance of Visual Access to Big Data

November 20, 2012

Tableau Software, a vendor specializing in data visualization solutions, is in its upcoming release adding a connector to Google's BigQuery analytics tool, illustrating the rising importance of providing non-programmer users direct, visually-driven dynamic access to big data. (BigQuery is a web service providing interactive query access to large data sets.) Because big data efforts often involve orders of magnitude more data points than organizations have been in the habit of working with, their existing analytics tools may prove insufficient to the task of presenting dynamic, understandable visual representations of the data and relationships among the data.

Organizations on average acknowledge they have to deal with a big data initiative when they cross the petabyte line, and on average they also expect 50 - 60% growth in storage needs in the next year as a result.

BTA Bottom Line:

Begin looking for tools that will help not just your data analysts but also business-line users and subject-matter specialists discover meaning in the massive data streams you are collecting. Look for tools that are dynamic -- updating displays as data change in the background -- and that have a thoroughly visual user interface, de-emphasizing the need to code in favor of