Unified Ubuntu Platform Underscores Convergence of Mobile and PC Devices

January 18, 2013

Canonical, project lead for the Ubuntu flavor of open-source UNIX announced they are close to releasing a new mobile/desktop hybrid version of their operating system (OS). The company’s wants to provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a single, unified enterprise platform, combining PC, phone, and thin client functionality. An image that will run on the highly popular Samsung Galaxy Nexus should be available within the next few weeks, while the unified platform for phones, tablets, desktops and servers will be available April 14th in release 14.04. Canonical has underlined its focus on web apps (on or off-line) to deliver cross-platform compatibility and flexibility for enterprise or consumer services integration. Supporting infrastructure is provided by Canonical’s app store, Ubuntu Software Center, as well as Ubuntu One, a personal cloud service for storage and media, file sharing and secure a transaction service.

In order to support the wide range of mobile devices in today’s workplace, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry companies are primarily (53.6%) delivering apps over remote-access/Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) clients. Additionally, while only 8% of enterprises are developing web-based apps today, 44% are planning or evaluating them due to their cross-platform capabilities.

ETA Bottom Line: Evaluate how Ubuntu’s new OS aligns with the needs of your company, particularly if you’re having difficulty managing or developing apps across multiple mobile platforms.