The Well-Optimized Enterprise

December 20, 2012

Application Delivery Optimization (ADO) comes in a broad spectrum of flavors. The main pillars of ADO—WAN optimizers and Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)—have important missions in the evolving, virtualizing enterprise: 68% use WAN optimizers; 57.1% use ADCs; and already 8% use the newer WAN aggregators. Improving application performance is the main driver behind optimizer adoption, while improving availability is the main driver behind ADC use. With both IT and business units, the focus is on end-user-visible apps, along with changes to back-end systems and architectures. Consequently, adoption of optimization among data centers is on the wane and doesn’t correlate with successful delivery of IT services. Aggregators help lighten the load of (and lead time for) provisioning, de-provisioning, and scaling branches by empowering use of redundant Internet links as a single WAN connection, and by making cheaper Internet bandwidth a substitute for more expensive private WAN bandwidth.

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