Windows x86 and RT Versions Illustrate Difficult Convergence of PC and Mobile

October 31, 2012

Microsoft released both the x86 and RT versions of their new Windows 8 OS on October 26th, representing perhaps the biggest change in the operating system since its inception. With the release of two very different code bases offering a single look and feel, Microsoft aims to address both the opportunity created by the incredible growth of mobility, with the RT version, and the continued demand (especially in the enterprise) for PC environments via the x86 version. One major hitch is that the mobile device (RT) version will not run x86 applications.

Tablet usage within the enterprise is growing quickly, with almost 12% of employees using them for business purposes today growing to 25% by 2014. Moreover, 72% of companies support tablet use, indicating a broad trend toward bring your own device (BYOD) strategies.

BTA Bottom Line:

Research and educate your employees as to the differences between the two OSes and be ready for integration and compatibility issues between RT devices, which are less expensive and more consumer-focused, and the current and future PC infrastructure.