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Nemertes Key Trends reports provide detailed analysis and assessment of specific technology markets.

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As AP’s capacity increase, it reaches a point of such high capacity that typical wired uplinks can’t handle the load.
Aug 10, 2015
SDWAN solutions can expand on the vWAN idea of making a single WAN out of disparate connectivity in several ways.
Jul 17, 2015
Agility, simplicity, security and cost are reshaping WANs. SDWAN, Network as a Service, and private WAN-Cloud exchanges are on the rise.
Jul 07, 2015
To reduce the number of vendors and solutions running inside of the business, many organizations are also beginning to use Microsoft for voi
Jul 01, 2015
What cybersecurity professionals need is a next-generation architecture to integrate these new tools into a seamless web of protection.
Apr 20, 2015
IPT deployment is on the rise, 52%
May 20, 2014
Major trend in the video space include greater support for external conferencing
May 20, 2014
Major trends in the UC space include more cloud offerings and increased support for new standards
May 20, 2014
46% of companies planned to deploy cloud-based secure document sharing tools by the end of 2014
May 20, 2014
Major trends in the UC&C space include increased cloud and hybrid offerings
May 20, 2014
Apps drive the mobile experience, and MAM functions like app wrapping and app-to-app communication.
Mar 12, 2014
75% of contact centers now monitor non-voice channels, and every contact-center vendor now offers a multi-channel routing and handling platf
Mar 03, 2014
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