Nemertes Research and Retainer Services

Nemertes analysts most typically work with clients on an annual retainer basis. Our advisory services are designed to help senior corporate executives with strategic, technology-related business planning. We take a hands-on, proactive approach to your company’s business needs, ensuring that our recommendations—which always are based on the information we glean from scores of interviews with IT executives in a wide range of industries—are tailored to your needs.

For vendors, retainer services include:

• Strategic advice and guidance. We validate that your strategic direction and investment decisions are in line with enterprise IT spending patterns and 3-to-5 year goals.

• Product & solution roadmap reviews. To ensure your roadmap is consistent with IT executive requirements, we review and assess your overall product and solution roadmap and compare it to the concerns, issues, and challenges faced by our IT executive clients and benchmark participants. We provide detailed feedback and recommendations, including feature-functionality prioritization, support strategies, and positioning recommendations.

• Sales, channel, and partnership reviews. We help optimize your sales and marketing efforts by reviewing your sales, channel, and partnership strategies in light of your company’s goals and the purchasing and decision-making processes within enterprise organizations. Where appropriate, we broker introductions to appropriate sales and channel partners.

• Marketing and strategic positioning. We maximize your marketing, messaging, and positioning efforts by ensuring they focus on the key issues that resonate the most with IT executives. Where appropriate, we work with clients to craft and deliver informational industry briefings.

• Cost model and ROI toolkit development. Based on our in-depth understanding of the true costs of deploying, managing, and supporting technology within IT organizations, we’re able to work with you to determine the most appropriate and successful cost models for your products and services.

For IT executives, retainer services include:

• Strategic technology planning and review sessions. A Nemertes analyst will meet with you and validate that your strategic direction, technology investments, and overall architecture address current and future IT requirements, based on demonstrated operational, organizational, and technical best practices deployed at leading Fortune 500 companies, government, non-profits and other organizations.

• RFP assessment and response reviews. To ensure that your strategic technology acquisitions are in line with overall best practices, we review RFPs for major purchases (hardware, software, telecommunications and other services) and provide feedback and guidance on how to obtain responses that most effectively meet your needs. We also provide guidance around the assessment of RFP responses.

• “Peer-reviewed” assessments of leading vendors and service providers. Ever wonder which vendors and service providers have the best (or worst) technology, customer service, or support? Now you don’t have to—we give you detailed assessments of vendors and service providers based on direct feedback from other IT organizations. Our assessments are unbiased, because the source of our data is people like you—the IT executives making the buying decisions and using the products and services every day.

• Return-on-investment analysis and cost models. Nemertes will help you quantify the real costs and benefits of deploying, managing, and supporting technology based on quantitative data from our benchmarks. Whether you’re building a business case for investment in a particular technology, or have concerns about the hidden costs of products and services that are touted by vendors as the next big thing, we give you the data and analysis you need.

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